The BBQ BOI Story

Barbecue Is Not A Season

Kia Ora and Welcome to your Barbecue B.O.I. experience. Thank you for joining me on my mission to show the world that Barbecue is not a Season.

Not a Season? What is it then?.... I thought you would never ask!

To me BBQ is a community, a culture,  a lifestyle and most importantly it is about family and friends. It is about celebrations and creating memories, it is about building on old friendships and making new ones. It is a support system like no other I have ever known, full of legendary people not only willing to be there but wanting to be there for you.

It is this community and culture that have afforded me the opportunity to support all of your BBQ needs throughout New Zealand . As a one stop BBQ supply shop our goal is to provide you with all things BBQ including knowledge and tips to coach you through your first cooks or to troubleshoot any concerns you may be having. Before you know it your friends and whanau will be raving about your cooks and you will be the one providing tips, hosting celebrations and creating memories.

Our focus is on all things BBQ all year-round because.......

 "Barbecue is Not a Season"

20 years experience overseas as a qualified Chef combined with quite a few years of experience through American Style BBQ catering and Low and Slow competition BBQ at a national level has provided me with a strong skill set ready to share with you and even bigger is the bottomless pool of knowledge within the New Zealand BBQ community that is always so willing to help out! With this support system that BBQ has built for me, I am confident that Barbecue B.O.I. can provide solutions and fill requests in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.

So please take a look around and if it is advice, questions, or requests for something you don't see in stock just fire away. We are here to provide an overall experience in a timely manner but ultimately to provide all the tools you need to make the most out of your BBQ lifestyle. We believe in the importance of supporting local and have a large selection of award-winning New Zealand made products from all regions of the country that will enhance your BBQ lifestyle

So experience the culture yourself and on behalf of Barbecue B.O.I. Welcome to the family.

Check out the shop walkthrough below and take a look at what we offer!